French and English Community management

tarafından Hellmouth

CommunityKayıt Tarihi: March 2019


The multiplication of ICOs and cryptographic projects is accompanied by a major marketing lesson: the strength of your community will make a real difference!

However, not an artificial community, build on fake accounts and bots, but a real, living, solid community, which deeply adheres to the values of your project.

This adhesion is built in particular with a quality Community Management, and it is a real profession!

I propose a community management based on exchange and interaction, community members will not just be supporters, they will become your fans, and members of the prokect family!

This is essential in the era of the all-virtual

I offer my services in French and English, on any medium (Facebook Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk...)

Durum Başlık Açıklama Fiyat Eylemler
Active Community Management, one support Community Management on Telegram OR Facebook OR twitter OR Bitcointalk / by month
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Active Community Management - 2 supports Community Management on 2 supports (Telegram, Facebook, twitter, Bitcointalk..) / by month
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Active Community Management - All supports Community Management all support / by month
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Active Community Management - Special French community All supports / by month
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