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First allow let me introduce myself:

My name is Artur Holzwert. I am an Experienced Advisor, Marketing Consultant,
Growth Hacker, Public Relations Strategist and Investor with extensive knowledge and experience in ICO/STO Analysis / Promotion and disruptive technologies.

My services:

My job is to guide you and your team through the entire process,
from start to finish. From A to Z. From SEO Optimization to exchange listings.

I do a preliminary analysis of your ICO, weekly video conferences and in-progress consulting at all times.

I am currently working on constructing a new portfolio that suits the needs of any perceptive client
with a demand for full confidence in the flawlessness of quality ICO/STO Consultation.
I am grateful for any ICO/STO Advisory work regardless of size or urgency.

However I do ask for legitimate projects with legitimate teams.

Feel free to ask me questions about the current ICO project I am advising, "Erecoin".

About me:

I have been honing my skills in the USA and currently in Germany (since 2001).
I studied International Management at the FH Ingolstadt and I studied Physics at TU Darmstadt.
I have worked as a marketing consultant in non-blockchain related areas as well.

I have been part of the Blockchain scene ever since Bitcoin was at $92 each.
I studied the fundamentals of Market analysis and trading strategies. I have been invested in
Bitcoin and several altcoins ever since.

I have also been part of the ICO scene since the very beginning. My experience started off by Investing
in ICOs. Sometimes I got burnt, sometimes I made a profit. By doing this, I
learned about the similarities and conditions that ICOs required in order to be successful from the perspective of an investor.

I thoroughly enjoy the ICO experience. I even edited/translated whitepapers, anns,
websites, etc... Later I started doing management work and finally, Marketing consultations.

Now I am confident in my overall skills to consult any ICO/STO project as an ICO/STO Advisor.

Feel free to ask any questions or send me a pm.

Thank you very much.

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