Btc Venture Partners

от Doug Messer

MarketingПартнер с April 2019


BTC Venture Partners works with select cryptocurrency and blockchain projects assisting in everything from go to market strategy, to investor introductions, to long term community management and user engagement.

Our Clients range from top exchanges, ICO's, Dapps, and more, and our ability to create and execute large scale awareness, investment, and user acquisition campaigns has allowed us to be an industry leader in crypto marketing.

Additionally, we operate a multitude of social profiles, websites, and other digital assets allowing us to place your project in the hands of the perfect audience.

Статус Название Описание Цена Действия
Active Full ICO Pre-Launch Marketing Support Airdrops, Telegram and Discord group promotion, access top ad space on the best exchanges and news outlets. We have helped several ICO's raise millions, and on average help raise token prices 40% post launch.
Active PR Release Pick from our list of over 200+ cryptocurrency and blockchain news outlets ranging from cointelegraph to Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. Our team will write and distribute your release in less than 7 days and guarantee coverage!