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I am Hellmouth, French writer for main French crypto media

I am also the founder of a website dedicated to pedagogy and learning about the cryptographic and blockchain worlds, particularly for the Polynesian population (South Pacific):

As a Journalist, I'm able to deal with any subject

You can take a look at my Presentation post on Bitcointalk:

I live in Tahiti and there is a excellent local dynamic. I am collaborating with local partners to set up a Blockchain Ecosystem with the expectation of the appearance of a huge regional structure that will include a research institute, start-up incubator, mentoring...

I have excellent marketing, communication and strategy skills (I work "in the real world" for large companies and administrations).
I am perfectly aware of the pitfalls that ICO/STOs must avoid today. I have worked extensively on many scams in the industry.

Some sample of my investigations:
SCAM Aircraft ICO:
SCAM Upfinex ICO:

Why "cultural management"?

All Blockchain projects today have an international dimension. In their customers and prospects of course, but also within their teams!
Today, the slightest misunderstanding, the slightest error in communication or behaviour is likely to compromise and discredit the most solid project.

I am able to audit your project, make recommendations and proposals for adjustments, according to evaluation grids and dedicated tools.
This will prevent 99% of the errors that many ICOs make.

Moreover, according to your target audience, I am able to calibrate appropriate communications (a German is not convinced in the same way as a Chinese!)

Do not hesitate if you have any questions

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