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Hello, ia orana, Aloha,

I am a journalist/writer for the main crypto media in France (portfolio available on request).
I also owner of, a media dedicated to pedagogy and education on cryptos and blockchain subjects.

This reference site alternates between fund articles and the highlighting of a selection of crypto projects (ICO, product and platform launch, etc....)

I also specialize in the investigation and detection of scams for the benefit of the community. This means that I only promote projects that I have verified myself, and in depth, for their honesty and seriousness.

I can offer you the following services:

- Highlighting your project with the French community (from the basic Press Review to the complete coverrage including interviews)
- Advertising banner
- Exclusive or ad hoc partnership
- Translation into French of your marketing material, White Paper, website...

Статус Название Описание Цена Действия
Active French Press Release From 800 to 1200 words - Transation in French of your marketing material (text, pictures, tables..),
Active French Article/news 800-1200 words - Written by a professional journalist - An original article/review that highlights the project, the team, the news...
Active Full coverage/interview 1500 - 2500 + words - a complete overview of the project with interviews, lots of information and links, high quality content. I highlight your project from a broader perspective, revealing its relevance and importance
Active Advertising banner Rates varies according to the duration
Active Exclusive or ad hoc partnership with Rates varies according to the duration