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Connect with thousands of crypto brands and make frictionless direct sales on the CryptoMarketAds Marketplace. Getting started is easy. Create ad properties based on your forum accounts, social media accounts, websites or ICO listing sites, email lists, marketing services, blockchain services or advisory services, and set your own prices based on sponsorships or CPM.

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CMA Bounty Campaign

Earn Your First CMAs By Publishing CryptoMarketAds Ad Campaigns


Create ad properties

Add your crypto-based properties to the CMA marketplace and set your own prices for the ads.

Get the first advertiser

Accept as your first customer for all your crypto-based properties.


Complete ad campaigns

Finish orders - earn your first CMAs and learn how it works.

Get paid 3x more

Earn by successfully finishing bounties for each completed ad campaign while the CryptoMarketAds ICO is running.



To participate in a successful bounty campaign you have to complete all of the steps above in order to get a bounty payout after the CryptoMarketAds ICO. It means that you must accept as your advertiser and place the ads on your crypto related properties. All accepted ad campaigns must be finished in order to receive the payment for the ad campaigns and the bounty campaign.

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