Crypto Email List From Verified Sources

by Scrembo

EmailPartner since September 2019


Hi, this is Scrembo from Emotionless Crypto Trading youtube channel with +29,000 subscribers
(I can prove ownership in any way)

We have been building cryptocurrency content since 2017 on our Youtube channel and I have collected a large, targeted and valuable subscribers list.

Our list building sources are multiple:

Here is what I can offer:

- Newsletter sent to my cryptocurrency subscribers interested in cryptos general, currently they are 28500 subs on my list , all collected from my coaching program page which is getting traffic from my Youtube videos and other social media.

- Newsletter to my 1 on 1 coaching program students which are 128 of them currently , active day/swing/long term traders and hunters of great ICOs.

So what I am doing is not only creating,editing and publishing the video on the channel but putting in efforts by letting my audience personally know about the project , especially the private 1 on 1 coaching students which are all traders from $1k up to $160million in their portfolio. The average student has $80k active holdings and they love ICOs , big guys made up to millions by investing in ICOs and there are 9 guys having a portfolio over $1 million.

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