Influencer Video Review On 29750 Subs Crypto Channel

by Scrembo

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Hi, this is Scrembo from Emotionless Crypto Trading youtube channel with +29,000 subscribers
(I can prove ownership in any way)

Product video reviews are an essential part of an online business marketing structure. They help build trust and loyalty, and typically describe what sets your products apart from others, especially when it comes from a popular influencer of the community.

I'd like to propose you a deal of marketing in case you are interested to gain costumers and credibility.

Our marketing services includes:
- Video Review of your project (10-20 min), a comprehensive service aiming to offer: sustainability, engagement, clients, exposure, etc ...

We assure you that we can accomplish this services in a timely manner and within budget.

All our services are attacked to our marketing engine, which is making the difference,

This is what we are going to do with the content, promote on:

- Youtube channel video

- Twitter tweet

- Facebook post

- Medium post

- Uptrending post

- Reddit , multiple posts

- Crypto forum post

- Newsletter sent to my cryptocurrency subscribers interested in cryptos general, currently they are 28500 subs on my list , all collected from my coaching program page which is getting traffic from my Youtube videos and other social media.

- Newsletter to my 1 on 1 coaching program students which are 118 of them currently , active day/swing/long term traders and hunters of great ICOs.

So what I am doing is not only creating,editing and publishing the video on the channel but putting in efforts by letting my audience personally know about the project , especially the private 1 on 1 coaching students which are all traders from $1k up to $160million in their portfolio. The average student has $80k active holdings and they love ICOs , big guys made up to millions by investing in ICOs and there are 9 guys having a portfolio over $1 million.

In a nutshell , that's our audience and marketing engine including the services we can produce.

If you want to discuss more about the price of the service and any other discussion, let me know.

Thank you for your time,

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