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Bounty Service
Give the tasks to the community and pay with your tokens. That’s it. PROMISE to give tokens after ICO - is the main resource what you have during ICO. The task can be different (support your SMM, making self content, even sell your tokens) but you should manage and control it. And this is most routine job during the whole campaign. You should fulfill numerous tables and forms and of course argue for each token. Don’t forget – until your ICO reaches hardcap your token is just a promise and with the exception of yourself only bounties believe in you. Our work:
1. Developing of Bounty structure, depending on your marketing strategies.
2. Creation of spreadsheet and registration forms.
3. Publication English Bounty thread on the forum.
4. 24/7 Bounty thread moderation, consultation of bounty hunters and figuring out various of conflict situations.
5. Weekly stake rewards controlling.
6. Telegram Bounty chat moderation.
7. Providing a list of participants and their ETH addresses for payment at the end of Bounty.
8. Project consultation on any issues.
9. 24/7 professional bounty community managers.

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