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Whаt we will dо fоr уоu?
Вoost Вitсointalk Thread - get uр tо 1500 viеws from invеstors реr weеk.
As you know on Bitcointalk (bitointalk.org) is really good traffic, but because of the huge number of ICO's very difficult to get it. we're ready to help increase good traffic from btt and to attract more investors. We promote your thread using method imitation of users activity. Every comment rise your thread to the top of listing. The more comments you have the more your thread is attractive for investors.We are woking more then half a year without any accident. We have more than 50 accounts from member to hiro.

Our work:
1. Developing of comment structure, depending on your marketing strategies.
2. Creation of spreadsheet and registration forms.
3. Publication English and Bounty thread on the forum.
4. 24/7 thread moderation, consultation of bounty hunters and figuring out various of conflict situations.
5. Experienced work with handling objections
6. 24/7 professional pumping.

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