Massive Global Press Release - Published to 50+ Outlets Guaranteed

by Crypto Press Association

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The cryptocurrency & ICO press release distribution used by the smartest companies in the space. 150+ Smart projects already use us!

This service is for companies & organizations in the blockchain tech cryptocurrency space only. The Press Association provides access to the newswires exclusively for those in our industry.

Only we guarantee results that it will be published on at least 50+ sites, usually more!

We regularly get our clients on places like Bloomberg, Marketwatch, Google News, ABC News, Apple News, The Global Crypto Press, NBC, Coinmarkets, ICOShock, CryptoQoins, CoinWhaleNews, Digital Journal, ICOMarkets, FOX - and so many more. Plus reddit/facebook/twitter, and our e-mail list.

● Published on the GlobalCryptoPress official news feed.
● Syndicated to Google News and Android Users.
● Syndicated to Apple News and iOS users.
● Syndicated to Microsoft Bing News and windows users.
● Published on cryptocurrency news sites.
● Published on mainstream news sites.
● Published on technology news sites.
● Published on investing news sites.
● Sent to our email list.
● Shared on our social media (18,000+ crypto traders)
● Posted to in reddit/facebook crypto groups (400,000+ crypto traders)

Status Title Description Price Actions
Active Order Service Full Distribution, published to 50+ outlets, full report provided afterwards
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