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Hi Guys we have a proposal for marketing,
specifically in the crypto field.
we are interested in working with you for a long time.
Our services have also been used by many projects
and among them have been very successful quickly.
Check our testimonial here

We will post about your project Positive thoughts
positive comments and positive reviews on our telegram chennells
If you send us 0.5 eth or 2eth worth of your own tokens
we will post on all of our marketing chennells

First we will post on all chennells than you have to send tokens
And when ever you have any update
we will post We always support your project

If you want than Send details of your project
🔗Link Web 💰Airdrop gifts ➡Ico date start end
👥Max airdrop participants 🌐Web 🌏 Social Group

For more details Contact us on telegram or email:
@narangawem @rajasobdar
Sobdar3@gmail.com Or
WhatsApp : +923363525825

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