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The bad news is that 98% of youtubers buy views / likes / comments. A lot of crypto influencers have fake stats.

It is really hard to find those that have a really engaged audience with money. However these 2% make maximum results.

Do not even try to find really good influencers by yourself — you will just waste money and time. We have already done that for you. Your tokensale time is limited. You can not spend weeks on tests. You know that.

🔥 We have 32 bloggers — youtube crypto influencers. Their reviews will bring traffic to your web page and a lot of payments. You will see that within 24 hours from the publication of the video.

🔥 ROI (return on investment) for 1 review is over 400% in average. It is one the most important and effective ICO services that we have.

✅ Sales structure for key points that are to be said in video review in order to have maximum sales = FREE

✅ Help in creating a referral program for influencers to have maximum sales = FREE

✅ Average price for 1 review is 900 EUR

ATTENTION: we DO NOT share this list of bloggers until the payment is done — it is part of the service!

Also we neither propose nor provide this service for new unknown clients.

We can only provide this service as long as you have ordered before some other services of our agency for 2000 EUR or more.

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