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Everybody checks your social media accounts before making the decision to buy tokens. Your social media accounts should represent your project in the best light. It is the soul of your project and it has to be alive and vibrant.

✅ We plan your content in advance to avoid gaps. Posts are published on daily basis.

✅ We create 30-day content plan for your project. Each post has your logo, interesting design, sale text, emoji, hashtags, and link and attracts free organic traffic.

✅ We submit the plan for your final approval before posting.

✅ Posts can be published either in those social media accounts that you wish or any 7 social media accounts that we recommend for ICO/STO projects. They are facebook, instagram, medium, twitter, linkedin corporate page, telegram news channel and reddit. So no matter how many accounts you chose — 1 or 7 — the price will be the same.

Status Title Description Price Actions
Active ✅ Audit of your social media accounts
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Active ✅ Monthly price for daily posts to any 7 social media accounts
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