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by Alvis Albie

CommunityPartner since May 2019


Greetings! myself Alvis Albie. from Australia. Applying for community manager or moderator Job!

I am an experienced community manager. and I would like to make my services to your project. I'm currently located in Australia. and I am able to work for much less than your typical worker while maintaining the quality that your clients expect from your professional services.

I am a very fast learner with a lot of experience and can become intimately familiar with new projects quickly. I appreciate your consideration, I believe my good interpersonal, behavioral and communal skill will be valuable to your operations. 


- Previously worked as a community manager in those following projects. Shelterdao, petchains, Gooreo, Hotelload, HubrisOne, Venoty, FidelitySuite, VenusEnergy, Cointorox.

- Recently working with those following projects as a community manager. Coinware and BINcoin.

here is my work basic instructions.
1. Answers to questions in our official project groups in telegram chat rooms
2. Greeting new users and chat moderation: cleaning spam, blocking spammers, etc.
3. Increasing the number of the community through advertising and repost in other groups and chat communities of the crypto community
4. Recommendations for increasing the total number of community
5. Participation in the formation of real companies and other activities that contribute to an increase in the number of community
6.All we have to do is engage all the users on the channel.
7. give my insights about what they say
8. always use reply to if someone ask a question in order to them to know that the specific reply is for them.
9. Be polite at all times.
10. always engage the channel like droping some "Hi users, how is it going?" or "Good morning users, how are?" just to engage and let them know that we as cms are very conversational and ready to answer some questions, open for a little chitchat.
11. Send some articles/link/news that are related to the channel
12.remove all unrelated threads/ posts
13. make some engagement on our IEO Exchange Group (if have)
14. help making partnership with other project.
15. help listings various sites and exchange.
16. always promote on @cryptoworld99 @AirdropExclusive1
17. airdrop management etc...

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