Medium Followers and Claps

by Joytom

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We can help your article/story to trend on medium!

When you post an article on Medium, it can often languish without any engagement for a while, but having a friendly clap/follow on your article/profile can encourage others to do the same. As human beings, we are influenced by social proof; in Medium’s case, a reader’s action of clapping may be influenced by an existing number of claps by other readers on the article or how popular an author is judging by the number of followers he/she has.

The medium algorithm that selects articles that get to trend on the site also measures the popularity of articles by the number of applause/claps the article receives within a certain period of time. The quicker your article gains claps from a number of readers the better are its chances of trending and getting exposed to more readers.

At #SocialHack we are genuine Medium users and our team delivers a genuine experience as we follow you or/and clap on your Medium articles.

* We can get you genuine followers to follow you on medium within 24hrs!
* We can also deliver 5 - 50k claps on your medium article within 24hrs!
* We can write comments on your medium article - as many as you like within 24hrs!
* We provide a real experience that is not bot driven, real growth with real people using a variety of devices.
* You also get a free replacement if your followers or claps within 30 days.
*All we need is the url to your account/article, we don't need your account credential. So, it's safe and there is no chance for the account to be hacked and banned.
* All orders are delivered within 24hrs or if you require a certain time frame you can get in touch with us and we can make it happen.
* We have a dedicated support system as you can talk with us on Telegram

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