Sales and Marketing Consultant

by Ragghav

AdviserPartner since April 2019


1. Exposure on the events that I will be attending
2. Can evaluate marketing conditions and offerings for the project, to see what will be the right decision as per the time.
3. Take us to exchanges at a comparatively less price that already exists in market.
4. Reach out influencers on your behalf, get people to draft and highlight pros about the project
5. Create and Design Marketing Campaign for the Project as per the current needs.
6. Providing you with customized proposals in order to just target the required no of platforms so you don't go for unnecessary platforms
7. Will try to procure all the relevant services for the project at lower prices as compared to the prevailing market prices.
8. Networking in terms of Investors
9. Bring value adding roadshows and event for consideration in front of core team.

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