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Do you waste a lot of money on traffic on your web?
What is the point of buying traffic if you can get real people interested in you?

Check your google analytics account right now and see how many people visited your web since it was launched.

500 people?
15 000?

If the number of visitors is more than 500 — start using “smart” marketing.

We do retargeting by placing a pixel inside your web page. Once a visitor opens your page, a pixel tracks cookies. It means that when a visitor closes your web page and continues to serf the web, the banners of your ICO/STO project will follow.

Your banners will be absolutely everywhere — from linkedin account and instagram with facebook/twitter to gmail and other webs. The person will think that your banners are everywhere. He will think that there is a lot of hype around your project and a lot of people already bought your tokens. People will think: «Gosh! The marketing budget is crazy!»

✅ In reality, you do not spend much money on the marketing. The trick is that you target and pay for the banners to a particular person.

Status Title Description Price Actions
Active Retargeting Creating banners as well as launching retargeting from scratch with optimization. + budget for clicks (from 28 CMA per 1 click so if you bring back to your web 1000 investors that already know about you — you will just pay additional 28000 CMA).
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