Gominer is one of the Pioneer Group in Crypto Mining Since 2017, offering advanced crypto mining and token staking with enterprise level support and gives the maximium amount of profit to miners.Token and Asic will be available for Pre-selling.

Why Multimining?

Up to 150-300% Profitable
Gominer GMX-R1 Technology uses Multiple Trusted 3rd party Api accomplished with Our Private Neural Network to predict chain of profitable crypto currency. This unique approach maximize the performance of crypto mining and guaranteed increase the profit potency compared to a single algorithm mining.

Efficient Energy
Multi-mining can be very energy efficient by prioritizing the most effective coin to mine at the moment. Bitcoin mining difficulty are sometimes more volatile and hard to mine compare to other Crypto. Our smart multi mining system automatically determines the most efficient and effective coin to mine and will save both Energy and wasted Computing power.

Asset Diversification
Asset diversification is a Feature to Protect the Company Asset incase of Market Dump and Capitulation. Most of the Time BTC Suffers the most when capitulation, To Protect the Clients and Investors Assets, we Diversify the Mining to reduce the risk of Liquidation and ofcourse to receive more profits when market is on Bullish state compared to Single Algorithm.


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